Worlds: Solo

Because it’s always fun to see what people are working on, here’s a list and brief explanation of the various things I’m working on:

Through Hell

A mainstream (ie, not speculative fiction) series about four friends that spans high school, university, and post-university adult life. Friendship, love, family, adoption, breakups, religion, abuse, self-harm, suicide, gay relationships, straight relationships, single parenting, all sorts of things. Starts out fairly angsty in high school but gets better, as life tends to do, after graduation.

Star Catcher

Fantasy-ish (light magic, supernatural) novel about Perseis, the spoiled heir to a kingdom on the edge of revolt; Mayim, eir best friend and mentor; Rea, a palace guard; and Ailean, the palace archivist. All characters in this story are gender-neutral, hence the pronouns. Lots of political brouhaha mixed with UST.

Lucky in Love: A Fairytale

Retelling of Cinderella, with “Cinderella” (Bella) as a compulsive liar, Prince Kaleb a hopeless romantic, the “evil” stepsister Adina as an exasperated realist, and Prince Kaleb’s Machiavellian cousin Taylor. Magic, plotting, sword-fighting, romance, and murder.

Pretty Follies

Mainstream speculative story where telepathy exists, except between people fated to be each others’ one-and-only. The story has four main branches: Darren, a “mentally-handicapped” man whose brain cannot send nor receive telepathic waves; Casey and Janna, a couple who find each other in kindergarten and detest each other just as quickly; Matt and Liz, a couple who can hear each others thoughts but decide to marry anyway; and Zach, a young man who’s figured out how to temporarily block other people’s minds and uses this ability to prey on vulnerable women.

A Sympathetic Life

Mainstream novel about Taylor, born of indeterminate sex to parents advised to wait until puberty sorts the body out, who grows up using male pronouns but otherwise free of gender restrictions. Until puberty, when a round of new medical tests reveals Taylor’s body is actually female, at which point all the societal pressure Taylor managed to avoid comes crashing down.

Made for Another World

Science fiction novel about a human clone, Riley, grown at normal human rates so his brain patterns can be used as the basis for quick-grow clones in the future; Davey, the young boy assigned to Riley to help him socialize; Rachael, the scientist who thinks this is ridiculous; and Scott, Rachael’s only slightly crazy boyfriend. Things go well until Riley has to leave the compound and go on the run.

Triple Threat

Science fiction novel about a living spaceship, the two girls that love him, and a well-intentioned world leader turned to conspiracy and piracy. Begun because I wanted to see more stories about girls who have adventures and don’t fight over boys.

Horizon’s Verge

Science fiction novel about four people from 1806 who get flung into the far (far, far, far) future and thrown into a conflict with echoes of the Napoleonic wars. Culture shock, betrayal, existential crises, battles, showdowns, politics, romance, you name it.

Self-Indulgent Ridiculousness

Fantasy story about two groups of people: Thalia, the daughter of a lord, and Saren, her bodyguard; and Nathaniel, brother to the reigning monarch, and Rafael, his bodyguard. Both Saren and Rafael have taken the Oath, a magical promise to protect their masters that overrides all personal feeling, which makes it complicated when they fall in love. Saren, eleven when she takes the oath and thirteen when she and Thalia start poking at their feelings, has no way to know what’s real. Rafael, meanwhile fell in love with Nathaniel years ago, but needs to overcome Nathaniel’s scruples on relationships across varying power dynamics.

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