Worlds: Collaborative

A list of stories I’m working on with my writing partner.

Drake and Edward’s Story

Mainstream story of a partially-reformed emo kid and a hopeless romantic who become friends at university. Deals with gay and straight relationships, self-harm, suicide, death, family issues, religion, and glitter.

The Living Spaceships Universe

Science fiction: living starships and their bonded pilots. Main players: Reinar, a young man whose telepathic abilities (and, eventually, emotions) were destroyed as a boy as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder; Gene, a young pilot whose ship is stolen shortly before they were due to graduate; Min, Gene’s ship, now forced to get along with the woman who stole him; Srai, the woman who made some bad choices and is now on the run for various reasons, who has to deal with piloting a ship who dislikes her; Kest, a sarcastic pilot and mechanic; Jast, her ship, who is quietly amused; two children, one human, one a ship, who find each other. It ties in. Somehow. Same universe as Triple Threat, but different era.

Sebastian and Ethan’s Story

Mainstream speculative fiction (scientific para-powers) about two men who used to be friends, once, before one killed the other’s girlfriend over a scientific breakthrough. Now they’re enemies who want each other dead. Delves into the genetics of paranormal powers, betrayal, murder, and non-consensual relationships. Actually creeps us both out so much we haven’t written much.

Corin and Ezra’s Story

YA urban fantasy. A group of friends deals with magic, murder, curses, religion, parental issues, betrayal, trust, relationships, and generally figuring out how not to get killed as a teenager.

The Dodgeball Conspiracy

A mainstream AU of Corin and Ezra’s story, but this time they’re rockstars. Hijinks, pining, exasperation, explosions, attacks, societal pressure, and all kinds of fun things.

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