11 comments on “Playing with Privilege: A Sexism Debate Bingo Card

  1. Free space: Your tone is too argumentative or isn’t soft/friendly/submissive enough so I don’t have to listen to you because you are clearly too emotional. Are you on your period?

  2. The butthurt female overreaction comment very nearly made me spit my coffee out on my keyboard.
    That bingo card is brilliant, I’m thinking of printing it out and using it for my interactions with men in video games. I can’t COUNT the number of times I’ve been told “this is the internet it’s not really sexual harassment” and/or “grow a thicker skin, just ignore their [clearly abusive comments]”.
    And I agree with Rattyfleef, I hate that when women get worked up over something that’s important to them we get accused of it being “that time of the month”. UGH.
    Great post as always, I’ve really missed your blog!!

  3. The gender neutral discussion really left me reeling. I don’t understand how anyone with two or three cells in their brain capable of simple logic can have trouble with this concept. He is a male pronoun. Just because some old-ass english likes to use “he” as gender neutral does not actually MAKE it gender neutral. Just because there are unspoken rules of grammar/english use does not make them infallible or immune to change. How ridiculous. What an oaf. >.>
    Yes, I’ve seen this play out SO many times and was one of my chief reasons for finally leaving world of warcraft. The mansplainers were EVERYwhere, making sammich/barefoot in the kitchen jokes and then ridiculing any woman that called them on it for being “emotional” and “sensitive”. Blood = boiling. DIAF guys, a wee little fire.

  4. Well, given that I started the whole argument the other day with my (if I do say so myself) brilliant idea to use “ze” & “zem” for gender inclusive singular pronouns, you know how I feel about this and how much I applaud your post.
    He is NOT gender neutral. (And I prefer gender inclusive verses neutral, we’re not trying to neutralize or neuter anyone! lol Just INCLUDE EVERYONE in the language we use!) But that argument was so ridiculous I really couldn’t believe any half way intelligent person could argue that point!
    I also hate that when women are passionate, we are being overly emotional and taking things personally. When we are strong, we are accused of being a bitch! All the traits that men pride themselves on, they criticize women for.
    That he couldn’t even acknowledged that there was ANY validity in wanting a language that included women (in this instance) was absurd. And he kept arguing that we were taking all the fun out of language by taking out all reference to gender and making everyone sexless. Huh??
    Great post as always my friend!

  5. Yeah, I love the PMS/hormones/emotional angle. Someone once said, “If you want us to take your mood swings seriously, you have to let us dismiss you for them” and my head caught on fire.

  6. I think Miss Andrist has an entirely valid viewpoint, and her reasons for being where she is are completely understandable. I’m not, however, a misandrist, even on my bad days, so I don’t share her opinions.

  7. I refuse to play MMOs because I don’t want to deal with the nonsense. I’ve seen way too many ugly things for me to believe I could enjoy even a little bit of the experience. For a disenfranchised group, male geeks and gamers sure do have a bug up their collective behinds about including women. (Though that’s another post for another day …)

  8. I have no idea who this person is in real life, so maybe he was just having an off day. Maybe he really is a lovely person — it’s hard to say. But that he made so many textbook mistakes makes me wonder a little bit — it felt like “guy who trolls first-year sociology courses” territory.
    Yeah, see my comment to Asheyna above re: MMOs. No freaking way. I love the Internet for many reasons, but giving a voice — and societal justification — for the kind of uneducated bile that people spew out is not one of them. That the sammich/barefoot jokes are entirely accepted is just one part of a larger, disturbing picture.

  9. Interestingly, I was talking with the bestest, and she says (and I tend to agree) that we should probably eventually have a gender-neutral pronoun (for people who aren’t male or female, either intersex or trans or third-sex-in-science-fiction or whatever), and a gender inclusive pronoun (for situations where the sex is unknown or not important, eg when talking about hypothetical examples). Either way, though, our language *is* in need of a revamp.
    I can understand the resistance to changing English — I can! I’m an English Language major and extreme pedant who occasionally has screaming fits about things like the conflation of anxiety & excitement. I get that we like our rules and don’t want to change things. But as much as I try to think this, language does evolve, and not just into “lol u c wut i did thr l8r” stuff. Real, valuable, lasting change — we don’t still talk like Shakespeare or Chaucer, or even like the Victorians. Gah.
    Even that, though, is more understandable than the giant clustermuck that happened when we got into sexism and sociology. Straw man arguments ahoy! I could’ve played “logical fallacy bingo” as well. Wanting a gender-inclusive pronoun = neutering everyone, riiight.
    Ah well. Thanks for starting the discussion! Even if it did raise my blood pressure, it’s always good to have these arguments once in a while so I can better predict and anticipate what the person will say the next time I have one. :P

  10. You make a good point about gender inclusive AND gender neutral pronouns! That makes a lot of sense.
    And yes, I too love language and words and have fits about the mistreatment of commas (and yet I can NEVER get right affect vs effect no matter how many times I look it up! What gives?) but as you said, language evolves! And it’s time for another evolution as men and women and transgender and intersex…etc. need a place in this language that fits. Why misuse words or force on them meanings they cannot hold (they is NOT singular and he is NOT inclusive of women or other non-males) when we can just add a few words to fill the gap?
    I know it’s not so easy, and it would take time, but it’s been a long time. People have been talking about this for a long time. It’s now time to take action! So how do you change a language?

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