2 comments on “Guest Post: Welcome to Adri from Ma Cherie Creations

  1. Totally loved this post! Interesting thoughts and I agree with both camps.
    Growing up has been tough, heartbreaking, painful in more ways I ever dreamed possible, and utterly and completely rewarding.

  2. I love this post, for sure. The people who want to go back to childhood seem to forget how much of it we spent wishing we were older, taller, smarter, stronger, whatever. A lot of adults look at kids’ problems with nostalgia (ohh, remember when the only thing I had to worry about was Tiffany un-inviting me from her birthday party?) while forgetting that, back then, that was just as serious and heartbreaking as anything we have now. And high school — well, they’re just insane. ;)
    I think growing up is awesome, and it doesn’t need to mean growing cynical or losing your sense of wonder (aka the Peter Pan version of growing up). It just means coming into your own.
    Thanks for the post, Adri! :)

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