6 comments on “Fandom’s Blind Spot: The Asexuality Vacuum

  1. Great post. Thanks for writing it. You make a lot of valid points. Thank God I haven’t encountered all the acephobic crap you mentioned, through my own pickiness of where I look in fandom.
    I’m in love with BBC Sherlock (the show and the man himself) and recently began to write and post my own Asexual!Sherlock fic because there’s such a shortage of stories out there that does what I want to read. But I appreciate that we (asexuals) are finally getting some real space in fandom, no matter how small it is so far.

  2. Thanks, Marie!
    The denial and erasure stuff hasn’t happened recently, thank goodness — the last was about a month ago, and the author got jumped so hard she backpedaled, played the “I didn’t mean to offend card” (because how can you offend, if you think you’re talking about people who don’t exist?) and closed all comments. I don’t know if she realized she was wrong or just was shocked at the vitriol, though.
    I’ve been toying with writing asexual!Sherlock, but I’m also really interested in seeing more asexual original characters. Obviously Sherlock is fantastic for visibility, but it would be nice to branch out, especially without the “high-functioning sociopath” thing.

  3. Very well-put – thanks. At some point I may try to be more eloquent, but in the meantime thank you very much.

  4. I say, write Ace!Sherlock fic AND an original story with an asexy character. ;)
    Oh, just thought I should let you know that I linked to this post on my Tumblr and so far, it’s had 52 “notes” (which means likes/reblogs).

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