7 comments on “A Plea to Those With Loved Ones in Japan, From One Who Lives Here

  1. When I first heard about the story in Japan, it took me a minute to realize that you were there, at which time I had a heart attack and raced to your Facebook page. When it said that you were okay I trusted your opinion, because I assumed you would be much more informed about the whole thing than I ever would be.
    I miss JJ. I can still picture her in the isle of the church conducting and making us smile. I hope you can smile through all of this!
    Glad as always that you are safe,
    ~Lamby :)

  2. Carla – I am definitely not faulting people for being worried! Especially since most people are unfamiliar with Japan’s geography (as I am with, oh, every country other than Canada, really) so it was hard, at first, to tell who was hit and who wasn’t. I’m glad to hear your response to things, and to see it in more and more people. :)
    I miss Mom, too, though I do think she would be fussing like crazy over this. She worried about her “babies” (you included!), as she used to say.
    Good to hear from you. :)

  3. I don’t know you that well, or at all really other than recently becoming a stalker of your blog (before the earthquake thing). When I heard about the earthquake I was worried about you but your twitter said you were fine so I said some prayers and let it be in the hands of someone far more capable than I am.
    I’ve always hated the news, and I loved your word for it: disaster porn, seriously I adore that. The best news comes from the people who are there, seeing what’s going on. I’ve appreciated your updates because when my local friends start talking about an “expert” they saw on Fox “News” (quotes intentional hehe) I refute them with information from blogs like yours, from people actually there.

  4. Lora- The web of connections between people IS large, as you say. Everyone on a particular web is affected by the others in some way. You are being affected right now by the thoughts and actions of others. They too, are affected by your situation (like it or not), whatever that may be. I know that you are asking only for sensitivity, and that the caring should continue. It will. You are strong. You are educated. You are informed. You are cared for. You are caring. And you are free to stay or go as you decide. Because of all that, my friend, you will be fine.
    Randy (wish I could write like you) Luckham

  5. (continued)…part of the problem was that reports said that the people IN Japan were not getting the information they needed. You alluded to that yourself in your earlier blog. So naturally, others tried to fill in the gaps. That is obviously not the case anymore and you have corrected that. Good news for you, Canadian headlines now talk about Libya (bad news), the decreasing value of our dollar (some problem in Japan) and the chaos at the Toronto airport due to spring break….Japan shockers are moving down the page.
    Now about your friend #2. She sounds stressed. If she were Canadian, I would tell her that the Canadian government is asking our citizens in Japan to at least register with the Canadian embassy for contact purposes. They will give reasonable advice after that. They haven’t yet, but if they recommend to leave the country, it will be truly informed advice. Hang in there. And no, I don’t think this is your 15 minutes of fame. That will be later in life.

  6. You’re in our hearts. We’re thinking of you.
    Love, Dawn Luckham (In Edmonton with Shannon and Andrew and Baby Superman Clark.)

  7. Chelle – Thanks! Like I said, my Twitter stream has been incredible. I just learned to avoid the trending topics after the first few extremely frustrating days … oy vey. Thanks for being awesome!
    Randy – Yeah, I’m definitely not asking that people stop caring! One of the reasons I’m calm is because I am here, I think — if I were back in Canada, I do wonder if I’d be more panicky.
    The information system is interesting. THe Japanese government really dislikes speculation on any issue, so it tends to say nothing until it has confirmation. For Japanese people this is normal, but for the rest of us it’s seriously unsettling. Unfortunately some of the Western media decided to spin it as “THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO ITS CITIZENNNNNS”, and it just spiralled from there. But like you said, now we’re getting more confirmed information and things are settling.
    I’m registered with the embassy and am telling others to do so. They’re recommending an 80km evacuation zone around the plant (reasonable!) and to avoid travelling up to the affected areas. I’d had a trip planned to Ibaraki, but cancelled it immediately. If the embassy advises people to leave wholesale, I’ll be taking that seriously.
    Thank you for your comments, and your love and support!
    Dawn – Thank you! Earthquake notwithstanding, I wish I could be there! I want to see lots and lots of pictures. :)

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